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Improving Supply Chains Using RFID & Standards

By Ian Robertson, CITP, MBCS, BSc (Hons), Dip Mgmt
Published September 2011

With forewords from Professor Sanjay Sarma of MIT and Dick Cantwell of CISCO, the stage is set for an extremely useful, but enjoyable, journey into the world of RFID in industry.

Improving Supply Chains Using RFID & Standards is the first book that is not focused on the technology. Instead, it's a rich and detailed examination of how to extract value from the use of RFID in supply chains.

Anyone responsible for, or involved in, managing supply chains would benefit from reading Improving Supply Chains Using RFID & Standards, as would those looking to understand more about RFID's use in almost any aspect of business operations.

This book explains how RFID data can benefit businesses from the receiving of raw materials all the way to the sales of end products to customers or consumers, and also explains the benefits of employing the technology to process returns through reverse logistics.

What's more, it's written in an easy style that assumes no prior knowledge of supply chains or RFID on the part of the audience.