SCRC Supply Chain RFID Consulting

SCRC's vision is a world where goods and materials flow through supply chains without stopping just to be identified, where their location is visible at all times and where that visibility is transformed into superior business intelligence.

Supply Chain RFID Consulting's mission is to be an effective catalyst for industry to understand how to use and implement RFID to improve supply chain performance through more efficient processes, icreased visibility and improved business intelligence.

Strategic Objectives

  • Authoritative source of information and counsel on the use of RFID within industry
  • Illustrate specific benefits of adopting RFID in supply chains
  • Project management service for RFID adoption
  • Supply chain troubleshooting

Company History

The company was founded in February 2011 by the CEO & President, Ian Robertson, after this decision to seek an environment where he could focus much more on helping industry understand, and take advantage of the opportunities that Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) provided to improve supply chain performance.

His work at EPCglobal and at the GS1 Global Office in Brussels had provided excellent opportunities to be part of the team that developed RFID and other standards for supply chain improvement and to help industry implement them globally. But Ian felt that he needed to get even closer to industry and could only do that by founding an independent company that focused exclusively on interacting with industry.

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