SCRC Supply Chain RFID Consulting

Supply Chain RFID Consulting provides consulting and services to help industry understand how to use and implement RFID to improve supply chain performance.



Supply Chain RFID Consulting

Our broad global experience in applying RFID technology, standards and regulations across supply chains in multiple industries positions SCRC to provide clear, up-to-date and beneficial consulting in the following areas:

  • Understanding RFID technology and process application concepts
  • How to extract business benefits from using RFID within your own supply chain
  • What different forms of RFID may be available to you
  • Get a basic understanding of RFID-related regulations and why you should be aware of them
  • How to go about adopting RFID within your organisation and environment
  • Authoritative source of information about how RFID is currently being used with industry
  • How to convert data acquired via RFID into better business intelligence and decision making
  • Project management structures for implementing RFID
  • Understanding the human implications of adopting RFID
  • The health and safety aspects of RFID adoption
  • Intellectual property and its implications when using RFID

RFID Equipment

The procurement of RFID equipment is often required by our clients, so we maintain details of what equipment is available from various sources, and we recommend suppliers to our clients.

However, SCRC does not sell RFID equipment, tags or software. As a small company, SCRC focuses exclusively on providing consultancy services to key industry sectors.


We offer RFID-related training on:

  • RFID history, concepts and applications
  • Comparisons between RDIF and other Automatic Identification Technologies
  • EPCIS (EPC Information Services) and how it can improve supply chain flows/business decision making
  • RFID global technical and data standards
  • Assessing your operations suitability for RFID
  • Migrating operations to RFID

In addition, we have extensive experience over many decades of more general supply chain troubleshooting. If you have a situation in your supply chain that you are finding difficult to resolve, or your would just like an independent assessment, contact SCRC.